Monday, May 28, 2012

Swim With Sharks

School's out. The kids and I just got back from a quick trip to the beach. No real sharks in sight, but these blue inflatables made me think about taking risks. The summer is here. The schedule has changed. And there is nothing standing between me and my dreams except fear. Fear of what? No blood loss. No gnashing of teeth and loss of limb. Simply the fear of failing.
Suddenly I don't care anymore. I'm going out with the sharks. Sure, I am wearing a floral swim cap, ear plugs, nose plug, a bright pink floatie, and lots of sunscreen. But I am going out.
Hope you'll join me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diversion of the Spoonflower Kind

Have any of you tried Spoonflower? It's a magical place where you can transform your designs into fabric. The cheapest yardage is $18 a yard for a nice quilting cotton.

Due to my subpar seamstress skills, I am scared to actually make something. I'm still just purchasing samples ($5 for an 8 inch square). In truth, my master plan is to pick my favorite sample, purchase a few yards and a cute skirt pattern, then visit my mother. I will look into her eyes, butter her up with compliments, and reminisce about the glory days when she sewed all my prom dresses. If this doesn't work, I will start sewing at her house on her fancy machine. She will see me struggle and just take over. Fingers are crossed.

Here are a few of my latest samples. I scanned artwork into Illustrator, manipulated colors, then tried all kinds of different repeats.

original ink and acrylic design for the above fabric

the original acrylic on cardboard

basic repeat

same design, but in a different color and with a mirror repeat
 This kind of fun could keep me occupied all day long. Be careful if you visit. Block out some time!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

They Are Fine

It's Mother's Day here in the US and I am thankful. Thankful for my two kids and thankful for a day of complete and utter laziness. It is 9:26pm and I am still in my pajamas. I am also coated in dog hair from allowing my dog to recline on me as I watched an old movie with my family. The cars never left the garage. I read, I watched a movie, and I made art. We even had a slow and steady rain all day. Delicious.

The school year is about to end. Things are winding down. My son is completing elementary school and will be off to middle school in the fall. I've been stumbling upon old photos and memories. All kinds of doubts are making their way back out. Did I do this right? I sure hope he's ready. Did I tell her the right thing? Should I have done this differently? Have I messed them up for life?

Somehow this lazy Mother's Day put those questions to rest. We sat in silence and read. We piled in a tangle of legs, quilts, and dog to watch an old movie. We shared a bag of chips.

They are fine. And I am grateful.