Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Messages

While cleaning up a trashy pile today, I noticed a phrase cut serendipitously from one of the old books I frequently use for collage.

"Leave space for these to be." I had to stop and just read the phrase to myself a few times. I thought about how often I fill the empty space in my life, instead of allowing the space to just exist. I'm stuck in an Ikea of the mind. Before long, my cart is filled with things I could not leave behind. Every corner of my brain is filled with mental doodads I have culled from the bargain bins of life. Some of it is indeed treasure, but most of it needs to be out on the driveway at the next yard sale.
What would happen if I left some room up there? What might I learn or hear or see differently?

 The thrill of my find enticed me into looking for more little messages among the clutter. So the hunt began. I sorted through torn sections and cut interesting phrases. I put them together and made bad poems.

I like the way these little messages get my mind going in a new direction. I guess this is just another way to see things in another way - always welcome in my world, where it seems like lately I am tired of everything.

It's time to leave some space for countless hours of delightful.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk. This phrase has been on my mind today. So odd how random phrases get stuck in my head sometimes. Perhaps this phrase came to me as I reflected on the impending bathing suit season and the rear end I have amassed after a daily handful (or so) of peanut M&Ms over the last month. 
That's probably where this thought started.
But lets think in other directions, shall we?

My children and I cleaned out bedrooms, closets, and drawers over the weekend and hauled many bags of junk to Goodwill. If only we could unload the junk of our thoughts so easily.

What kinds of junk do you carry in your trunk? My list includes an array of past failures, embarrassing moments from over forty years of living, boyfriends I wish I'd never even met, a long list of things I should have done by now, and mean things some girl said to me on the bus in third grade.

Like my son's lacrosse bag that I do indeed haul around in my trunk, this junk can really stink up my air. The key is not to let it stink up my life for good. I've got to remind myself that junk can be thrown out and most bad stinks will disappear with a good cleaning, air, sunlight, and a strong shot of Lysol. I've either got to do the work to air out the bad smells or simply ... let that junk go. Leave it down at the thrift store. Throw it into the trash.

Life is just too short and beautiful to drive around town with junk in my trunk and I'm working really hard to leave it all at the curb. You are welcome to drop yours off at the same location.

As for the collages you've been viewing?
All pieces from the good junk of my life - my paper and trash stash!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Work Without a Plan

I love to make plans. My poor parents, husband, sister, and friends have all been subjected to the details of my grand schemes for years and years. I've got journals and sketchbooks filled with bold headings, brainstorming graphic organizers, and detailed outlines and timelines.
Downright cringe-worthy.
Perhaps planning is not my best work.

So, in the spirit of NOT making any plans, I decided to just work on something a little bit different with supplies I already have on hand, paper and thread.

After finishing my last project, I had an enormous pile of ripped-up papers.
I spread them out on my work table, grabbed my favorite thread colors, and started stitching.

Unfortunately, you all out there in bloggy land can't touch these yummy textures. The repetitive stitching and paper layering turns the paper into a fabric-like textile.
If I wouldn't be such a walking fire hazard, I would love to make a dress out of this stuff.

I don't know how I will use these "paper textiles" yet.
Add paint to them?
Cut them into rectangles, strips, circles? 
Sew them together to make a quilt?
Use them as a background for bold shape?

I love having different papers and textiles to use when I start a project.
Perhaps these will just be a part of my new supply stash.

If I am really lucky, a fabulous idea will flash into my mind.
Then I can create an amazing piece and pretend it was part of my glorious master plan all along. 
And so the planning cycle continues.