Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Among the Toilets

Cleaning the bathrooms is high on my list of least-favored activities. I know I could hire someone to do this, but I am plagued by some sort of deep-rooted sense of obligation to do it myself. Perhaps I know in my heart that I need to humble myself regularly. I wouldn't want to be getting too fancy here.

Today, I decided to break up the job into three parts and to create a series of mini-rewards to keep me motivated along the way. The three parts = the three bathrooms. The time. After each bathroom, I went into my studio, turned the music on and painted until I needed drying time. Then I turned the music off and moved on to the next bathroom. Once that bathroom was clean, I returned to the studio to work on the next collage layer until I needed to break for paint to dry again.

The whole experience was quite pleasant. By the time I finished the bathrooms, I ended up spending lots more time making art. The end result... clean bathrooms, a completed collage, and a happy me.

My husband even got in on the mini-rewards as he did yard work. His reward... beer.