Friday, June 18, 2010

Create Something Every Day

This is my goal for this year of my life... create something every day. I realize that is pretty open, but I think it works. My creation might be something fantastic like a painting or a quilted pillow. But if it is a day like many, my creation might only be a doodle or a beautiful dinner for my family. The point is to see my life as a daily opportunity to participate in the act of creation. To look at all the parts of my life as opportunities to create and to raise up those acts and appreciate them.
This creation is actually taken from a previously made collage. It has been sitting in my studio looking at me for about a year. I decided to take a picture of it and play with the color intensity a bit. I then printed out wallet-sized copies. I am going to affix them to lightweight cardboard and sew them into collage pillows, turn them into pins, or perhaps sew them into a scarf. Will post the final result. For now, I just enjoy looking at the collage... love the pink, gold, and copper with the turquoise pitcher.

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