Friday, July 2, 2010

Up to Something

These folks look suspicious to me. They must be up to something.

These 4 x 4 paintings are done with acrylic and gouache, pencil, a variety of tissue papers, and found text from an old (1964) typing book.

Perhaps the little sentences were things their teachers said about the boys before they became spies, thugs, and thieves.
Interesting I searched the old typing book for quotes about my characters, I easily found positive practice sentences about males (Pierce is "at the top" and T.J. has "quick wit and much charm.") However, when I looked for quotes about the woman, I could only find practice sentences about how Sue would type all of the letters or find the file for Mr. Smith. So of course I had to find the perfect quote for the woman, "I shall do this work just as well as Hal does his."

I think her expression tells us that in the end, the woman is the mastermind of whatever they've got planned.

I don't know how these characters found their way out of my brain, but they were so fun to make.

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