Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Need a Remedy

My sweet friend from Alabama so clearly described a feeling for me one day. 
While talking about a funk she was in, she lightheartedly said, "Oh, I've got snakes in my head."

I loved that phrase on so many levels. 1) It was said with an Alabama accent, 
2) It so perfectly described the frustration of being in a funk, 
and 3) Snakes can be driven out. 

Instead of thinking about the blues as a lingering fog that stays with you indefinitely, 
the concept of snakes implies a temporary nuisance that will slither out rather quickly.

After years of struggling with fog issues, 
I have finally learned that making stuff helps me clear out the snakes. 

There is really no need to over-analyze a funk. 
Most of the time it is caused by something random that creeps along my path.

I don't try too hard to clear it out on my own, I just notice it and get busy with my hands. 
The snakes leave on their own while I am working.
The remarkable remedy drives them out.

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  1. Just catching up on my reading...
    Love the "snakes in my head" phrase! So appropriate.