Thursday, December 15, 2011

Minor Detour Into the Jewelry Department

Sometimes I live dangerously. I go to the craft store without a list and allow myself to wander aimlessly. If I really want to push it, I bring a coupon. Last weekend I pushed it to the limit. I wandered for almost two hours and brought my "20% off your entire purchase (includes sale and clearance items)" coupon. I walked out with all the supplies I needed to start a new craft, stamped and hammered metal jewelry. (I know, I know, I just couldn't stop myself!)

I bought a book called Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly. It came with an instructional DVD that was helpful with some of the basics. The craft store tools are not top quality, but I decided to try it first and then invest in better tools if I still want to do it after my initial excitement wanes. I tried a few letter stamp pieces and need to keep practicing. They looked a bit like a Cub Scout summer camp project.

I was pretty happy with the hammered pieces. 

I found the hammering to be super fun and quite therapeutic. After saying good night to my kids, I got completely ready for bed. Jammies, robe, I even flossed and moisturized. I then went down to the basement and set myself up in front of the TV. Peanut snuggled up beside me in an old quilt. I hammered away on my coffee table as I watched missed TV episodes on my streaming Netflix account and laughed at my hound dog chasing rabbits in her sleep. I will be honest with you. Even with a few thumb smashings, it was a little bit of heaven.

Along with all the hammering, I also played around with inexpensive chains and lobster claw hooks to create a funky charm necklace. I was inspired by some fantastic charm necklaces I saw in a catalog. I loved the funkiness, but did not want to spend over $100 to get it. For about $10 and some time scouring my junk collections, I had my own version.

I think this is an old lamp pull. Found it in my grandma's button tin.

Bead doodad from the clearance bin.

When I get tired of wearing it, I will just dismantle and use the pieces for another project.

I just finished an enormous afternoon coffee. The hammer might be swinging tonight!


  1. I love your jewelry pieces especially the old lamp pull. Aren't creative detours fun?

  2. I followed you over here after reading your article in the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine . Great blog!

  3. 2 hours in a craft store - that is living dangerously, but I smiled when I read about your detour as last Saturday I was rolling fimo beads in the shed, experiencing a detour of my own.. Today I stitched a necklace (yet to be blogged) ..
    Happy hammering...

  4. I love detours! I must do, I have enough of them.

  5. Sorry I should have said how impressed I am with the jewellery.

  6. You have completely inspired me!

  7. I love it! Wonderful work. I love the charm necklace. I too switch around dangerously. I'm thinking about stopping by the yarn store on my "way" home tonight. I do need a knitting project for our trip to see the inlaws...