Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

Here's what I've been up to lately...

Airing out some old luggage. I might rip out the lining and mod podge the interiors with found papers. Not sure what I will do with the exteriors. Should I paint them? Decoupage them? Any thoughts? I am planning on using them as display cases for my upcoming arts and crafts show booth.

Some wool felt scarves are also in the works. I love the way these look, but boy do they kill my hands. I guess cutting the heavy felt is a little rough on my delicate digits.

My family and our friends spent Saturday night at a local outdoor venue watching an adorable bluegrass band, the Locust Honey String Band. They picked tunes, sang, and the momma in the back even did some clogging. The weather was cool. The kids ran around in the grass. The grown ups sat around candlelight with drinks and dessert. I was grateful for the simplicity of it.

 And finally, a look at some lovely little abstract pieces my daughter made with my paper scraps.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love Love Love the scarves! The evening looks wonderful.. love the simplicity... what fun pieces by your daughter, I am sure she had a great time! As for the suitcases - I kind of like the outsides the way they are, but if you change them, keep in mind that you want them to compliment what you are selling, and not be the attraction. Keep up the wonderful creating!

  2. Suitcases are always fun to play with I have collaged outside and gussied up inside with a pillow to set work on for display. The back view of the display looks pretty and your work highlights the inside. Those scarves are quite chic. I bet it does hurt to cut through that thick felt. The simplicity of the graphic really makes them! Fun, relaxing hanging out, what could be better on a weekend. xox

  3. I've so enjoyed catching up on your last few posts! I love old suitcases too, and use them in my jewelry displays for sales. Your scarves would be fun displayed in them! For craft sales, it is nice to have a layered table display, with taller things in the back. Maybe you could stack a couple of the suitcases to use for height and set things on top of them. Love the birdhouses and the way you've made them in your own style. Have fun creating for your upcoming exciting for you. :)

  4. I sure do like your felt scarves. Very nice. The concert sounds it was a lot of fun. And I see your daughter has a lot of her mother in her with her creations!