Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneeze in Style

As I've mentioned before, I am getting ready to sell some of my schtuff at an arts and crafts show in November. Today I decided to whip up some purse tissue pouches, assembly line style. Who doesn't need one of these? Doesn't everyone get a runny nose now and then? And, they are so easy to make, I can sell them for cheap.

Here's the how-to.

1) Create a pattern, a 5.75" x 7" rectangle. I measured and cut the rectangle from a piece of card stock, then made a copy on tissue paper (much easier to pin onto multiple layers of fabric.)

2) Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut. Any medium weight cotton will work. I used black denim.

3) You can leave the fabric plain, but I wanted to give mine an edgy look by stitching a freestyle grid design on each piece using a variety of thread colors. It was fun experimenting with color combos.

4) Turn each short edge under 1/2 inch. Pin. Press.

5) Stitch a small hem (about 1/4") along each of the short edges.

6) With the wrong side out, place the hemmed edges next to each other and pin them down. I created a grid for myself so that I could line up everything easily and pin.

7) Stitch a 1/2" seam along the short sides.

8) Stitch a reinforcement stitch at the place where the two edges meet. This area will take on the most stress when the sneezer is pulling out tissues.

9) Trim the corners.

10) Trim the back side of the seam allowance. This will help the seam allowances lay flat inside the piece.

11) Turn the piece right side out.

12) Gently poke the corners out using a dull pencil.

13) Iron and fill with tissues.

14) Bring on the sneezes!

Let me know if you have any questions. Giving sewing directions is kinda tricky!


  1. These look like elegant suits for tissues. Nice! An sophisiticated way to sneeze! xox

  2. Those are really cute! I hope you make out well with them at the sale. I recently made a tissue holder for my purse and had the pleasure of pulling it out in a nice restaurant the other day. (erm, well, if you can call needing a tissue in a nice restaurant a pleasure!). But it was very nice to have them housed in something pretty, rather than those plastic bags they come in, which inevitably begin to look shabby in your purse! Good luck this weekend!


  3. These are way cool Jenny! Your pics and directions look pretty precise to me-I may even be able to make one and if not, I know who to go to for one :) Thanks so much for sharing. If I get one done I'll let you know.

  4. Cool idea. And thanks for including the directions--I think that "line up and pin" grid is brilliant!