Sunday, September 18, 2011

Collage-O-Rama Day 1

With no big projects on my horizon and a gorgeous fall afternoon, I decided to take my supplies outside and get my hands moving. This week I will attempt to find a few minutes each day to make a small collage. Yes folks, Collage-o-Rama has begun. I cut illustration board into 3 inch squares, then grabbed my favorite paints and a box of scrappy trash.

Since it was Sunday, I went ahead and painted each collage background, choosing a different color for each day. 

It is nice to create for fun and not worry about trying to sell, get published, or expand my skill level. Just little kid, get your hands dirty art fun.

Here is Sunday's collage. I'm not really a "bling" kinda girl, but I think the word is funny. I found this piece of text in a children's book from the 1940's. I think it was used to describe the sound of the bells on a fire truck. Quite a different meaning today.

No great work of art, but a small work of fun instead.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes the best part of the painting is what is left on your hand..

    Looks like a happy afternoon spent to me..