Friday, September 16, 2011

The First Day of Fall At My House

I know that Autumn does not officially start until September 23rd. But there is a chill in the air this afternoon and I am going to start my celebration now. Maybe later this weekend we will light a fire in the fire pit and tell ghost stories. My husband likes to tell corny stories about growing up in Pennsylvania where he and his brothers supposedly experienced Sasquatch and other mystery beast sightings on a frequent basis. My son has started to lovingly call these "The Pennsylvania Tales." My specialty is a series of "Swim Team Zombie" stories. I am proud to say that my son usually goes indoors to retrieve his winter coat so that he can zip up the snug hood before I start my storytelling.

Fall crafting is on my mind. Fall and winter make me think of the juiciest fabrics. Felt, denim, and wool make fantastic decorations, accessories, and pillows and all embroider beautifully. I have white slipcovers on my couch right now and I am leaving them on until October, when I hope to have some fabulous spooky pillows made with black denim. I planned to do it last year and still have the black denim folded in a crate, but this could be the year it happens.

Vintage buttons and buckles put me in the mood to embellish a fall pillow or make a collage using the aged papers. These buttons and belt buckles belonged to my grandmother. She is 91 and no longer sews, but has kept every sewing notion all these years.

The belt buckles were treasures I found in her sewing notion drawer. I am sure she cut them from dresses she no longer wore. The glass one is my favorite.

So I have the entire delicious weekend in front of me. I have that magical Friday feeling and all the optimistic plans involving projects, relaxation, family time, cleaning, cooking. A real Martha Stewart weekend is brewing in my mind. Before I know it, Sunday night will be here and I will be disappointed with my lazy self. But for now I can dream.

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  1. All those vintage notions and buckles are so fun. Hope you made some wonderful things...I'm sure you did! :)