Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kicking Up Some Dust Over Here

The past few weeks have been a marvelous blur of projects and, drumroll please... , a big studio re-org and clean out. It had to be done. I realized that I was starting to move my art projects to other rooms in the house because I literally had no floor or table space. In true dramatic artist style, I had a bit of a meltdown on Monday morning. Thankfully my husband had taken the day off and was here for an intervention (just what he wanted to do on his day off.) He helped me move my work tables and bookshelves around (again... wasn't this a great day off for him?) Suddenly I could see possibilities in my little basement pit studio. I took a deep breath, channeled my drama into focus, and started a massive cleanout. No clutter pile was left unturned. Here's a quick browse.

One of my organizational goals was to give the best workspace to the supplies I use almost every day. Before my re-org, part of my frustration was caused by the fact that my paper scraps were in a huge pile crammed onto one bookshelf, while my collection of vintage button cards, dried-up craft paints, and dollar-bin doodads were hogging all the best shelves. I threw out those paints and moved what I wanted to keep into boxes stored under the table or over in the corner. Suddenly I had a whole shelving unit for my papers. Wow. Who knew?

This white metal paper organizer? Found it in my kids "craft cabinet" loaded with about 3 faded sheets of construction paper. Why did I not steal this sooner? They won't even miss it. 

The former dried-up craft paint holder... now my paper organizer!

One of my projects this week... a lap quilt for my daughter's friend. Her family has been so good to us, so she gets the special treatment. It is her 11th birthday and she loves to read. We're going to put the quilt, some hot cocoa, and a special mug into a basket for her. 

Now that my studio is clean and neat, I kind of want a cot down here.

Let's hope I keep it this way.


  1. Good for you . Now you can use it all and make anice big mess again, at least that's what happens fo me. I have to do another cleanup already. A cot, maybe something nicer like a hammock? xox

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
    GORGEOUS quilt...that's one lucky birthday girl.
    And YES...if you are close to Nashville, then you MUST get to Art Is...You. Truly, it is the absolute best!!

  3. Oh my, I am soooo impressed! Good for you. Must feel much nicer working in your studio now. I love the lap quilt. I'm sure the little girl will too. She will feel very special receiving a handmade item like that!


  4. Fantastic, I want slide in drawers for my do dads too! Hmmm, I may even have some already.. :) enjoyed seeing your space.. I can feel some organization of my shed coming up -especially now we are on summertime..