Monday, October 29, 2012

The Queen of Fun

Queen of Fun? Am I talking about me? Uh... No. Queen of Don't-Eat-That-on-the-Couch? Possibly. Queen of But-What-if? Yep. Queen of I-Don't-Know-if-I-Should? Absolutely.

No, I am talking about my friend Tamara. She would be the Queen of Fun. And I have to say just a wee bit Queen of Crazy as well. She and her family just held their 2nd Annual Halloween Kids Festival for pretty much every child they know. And I think everyone came.

Tamara and her family turn their entire compound into a village of kid-friendly spooky. She's got an inflatable castle, a trampoline, a playground, zip line, s'mores around a fire pit, games with prizes, cookie decorating, paint spinning, popcorn, pizza, cotton candy, and even craft beer tasting for the grown-ups.

My kids love coming to this party. Now that Halloween is barely acknowledged in schools, they miss out on some of the silly fun their parents used to have. This party brings it all back... fake blood, plastic fangs, potato sack races, and fuzzy teeth from too much sugar.

If this were my gig? Oh, I might come up with some cute party ideas. But I'd never move past how many party napkins to buy. Tamara just does it and does it big.

I'm just the boring gal who gets to bring my kids over, drink her beer, and feel lucky that I know the Queen of Fun.


  1. I would lve to have a Queen of Fin for a friend. Looks famtastic. Paint spinning, I remeber how fun that was! A little craft beer neer hurts either. xox

  2. Hey Jenny! Thank you for kicking off the gallery tour today...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I WISH I could find a party like this one...maybe I will have to throw it myself. Have a great day today!

    1. Thanks for including me in the tour! Happy Halloween to you as well and have fun with your little one and all the festivities!