Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gray Skies Call for Color

What a dreary day here in Atlanta. Rainy, dark, and damp. My first instinct was to remain horizontal. But I resisted. I knew what was needed. This day called for some color.

I started the morning with some paper painting. Golden paints, acrylic glazing liquid, and metallic paints on gesso-covered book pages.

Splatter brought to you by FW pearlescent liquid acrylics. Love these.

Hmmm. What will I do with these?


Next... a paper garland. Paper garlands always cheer me up. Maybe my brain thinks there's a party on the way.

I think it looks best on Clucky, my studio chicken.

Once I hung my garland, I decided to just hunker down in my studio with some music and my most colorful supplies.

Another supply crush... Caran D'Ache crayons. Sigh. I only have a few juicy colors. I would pick a box of these over a box of Godiva chocolates any day (and I've got a serious chocolate thing.)

Perhaps I was thinking about the new Great Gatsby movie that I have to wait until summer to see (wah), but I think my doodles and papers have a bit of a flapper flair.

As the days get darker for me, I think I will keep fighting the gray with color. It worked!


  1. Love love love the garland and the colourful drawings. You are so talented. I also love Godiva chocolates and just happen to have a new box (less one salted caramel) beside me right now. I really wish I could offer you one!

    1. Thanks Loulou. So... what happened to the salty caramel? That is my new favorite flavor. Nonni has a salty caramel biscotti that is divine dipped in hot chocolate!

  2. Sweet sketching, love the chicken with her fanciful decoration.....xox

  3. What a great way to brighten a day! Love the garland! I did venture out a bit today although it is cold in my neck of the Northern woods! (-40! BRRR) I would love the chocolates AND the crayons!

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE the color in that garland!!! As for having a studio chicken- too awesome!!! :)