Monday, March 14, 2011

Felt Like Making Pins

It may have been 80 degrees outside this weekend, but down in my studio I was still working with wool felt. I am participating in an artist's market at Matilda's Cottage in a few weeks and part of  my inventory will include wool felt scarves and pins, so I allowed myself to create just a few more.

Not sure if  you noticed the interesting textile in the background. Yes, that is my evolving scrappy quilty thing. I added gesso, black acrylic smudges, and tons of stitches in a variety of threads. This is how it looks now.

I'm still not sure how I will use it. I am starting to think it would make cool fabric cuff bracelets. I made a trashy looking flower pin to go with.

I am also imagining pieces cut for collage on canvas. Photos don't really do it justice (well... my photos anyway.)
Textiles are so much better in person.


  1. Love your work. Adorable felt pieces and textile creations.

  2. Love your pins! That little fish especially, just makes me smile. :)