Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Should Be Cooking Dinner Right Now

I must take a break from being so responsible.
Instead, I must share my fun project inspired by a recent article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Susan Pickering Rothamel and Frankie Fioretti wrote an article on creating restructured paper using all those beautiful scraps most of us have in abundance. I did not have all the supplies on their list, but I knew I could make do with what I've got. 
I gathered up a pile of paper and fabric scraps, matte gel medium, a paint brush, and a smooth plastic bin lid. I just smeared some medium onto the lid and started adding scraps. After the first layer, I added more using the medium to adhere the pieces. I threw in a few fabric scraps, tulle, and paper cording.

Then I let it dry.

This afternoon, I peeled it right off the plastic.

Here's the back.

And here's the front, ready to be used as a collage background or accent, journal page, book cover, or ripped into new pieces for additional collages and accents.
The whole process only took about 15 minutes. So much fun to just make a mess, let it dry, and peel it up later!

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