Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Fun

I was inspired by a Cloth Paper Scissors' challenge to make a fabric swatches for their swatch exchange. I decided to use my scrap bin to make a deliciously textured and wildly colorful fabric.

 I started by sewing random scraps of fabric directly onto muslin. I did not try to match colors or select my favorite fabric scraps. Even the ugly stuff went in. Whatever I grabbed got sewn down.

 I covered the entire surface with fabric pieces.

Next, I ripped black and white fabric into skinny strips and sewed them all over the face of the fabric. I also used a variety of threads to sew lines across the surface. This helped the fabric lay down and gave the fabric a more quilted texture.

At this point, I do indeed have great texture and color, but now I am supposed to cut this into 9 inch squares for a fabric swap. I am not sure I want to do that. I am also thinking of taking the color down a notch by covering the whole thing in gesso. 

Super fun. Mindless bursts of color, loud music blaring, sewing machine smoking. Good times.


  1. Girl I wanna piece of that...its just gorgeous.
    Whimsical and random with a touch of graffiti thrown in. I reckon a few random words stenciled across this and it would make an awesome wall hanging.

  2. Love the bright colors and all the random patterns!

  3. Thanks ladies! I put gesso over the whole thing a few days ago and will use that as a starting point for something else. Who knows what?! I will keep you all posted. Hopefully I have not ruined it, but hey... we must take our risks, right?

  4. That would've been scary to cover it with gesso, after ALL that work...I admire your risk-taking!
    Trying to come up with something for the swatch exchange, and Rit dye keeps coming to mind. Such a mess though. We'll see...

  5. I am very afraid to dye fabric. I am just imagining myself and my carpet covered in it. I am not the neatest crafter. I would love to see what you do... will be watching your blog.