Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

After work today, I flew into a frenzy of fall. I made Spicy Sangria for a happy hour tomorrow after work and I pulled out every bat, pumpkin, and orange object I could find. I've been decorating all afternoon and having a blast. Although I might add more doodads to the Kitty collage at a later date, I really want to use it over my mantle today. So... time to complete this project!

Once I outlined all the pieces with the goldenrod embroidery thread (a task that left my hands more gnarled than they were already), I used these buttons to stitch all the pieces together. I am using these vintage buttons from my Grandma's button box. I love the candy-like colors and different designs on each button. You just don't see these details on buttons anymore.
 I added some black paint to the cat collage and hung it over the mantle.
I made lots of black paper silhouettes. I don't think the fire marshal would approve of all this paper next to all these candles, but I love the look and it is fun to think of different shapes to add to the mix. I tried to tone down the orange candles by using map pins to attach more vintage buttons.
As I looked at my completed decorating project, I was happy to think about my Grandma and all the little scenes she set up in her house for each holiday. (In fact, the ceramic pumpkins are from her Halloween collection.) As a child, these decorations were magical. As an adult, I find myself drawn to make them for my own children. And who am I kidding, I make them for myself too. Life is too short not to enjoy some silly fun.

Update: The yummy Spicy Sangria recipe is at Lifestyle Maven.


  1. I loved reading about the fun you've been having while decorating for Fall. Amazing cat collage. Your mantle looks adorable. I hope you're kicking back with a sangria and enjoying your decorations!

  2. I love seeing all of your fun holiday decorations, Jenny. Are you working on handmade Halloween costumes, too? I'm still waffling on that -- not sure if I'll cave in to store-bought, easy & quick or if I'll find some inspiration soon. I think my time for inspiration to strike is quickly running out, though! Of course, my daughter would be happy in her dress-up boxing headwear, mommy-made superhero cape, belly-dancing "jingle skirt", mismatched socks and mermaid finger-puppet gloves. She'd look super-cute, too! Hmmm...

  3. Nikki, I am not much on the homemade Halloween costumes. I just never have time between working and all the kids' activities. We do try to get creative though - patching together scraps and accessories from home. I caved a few years ago when my son cried over the clone trooper suit at Target.

  4. I LOVE your bunting! So cute and easy to change out using little clothespins. What a terrific idea! And the buttons on the candles? SUPER CUTE. Wow:) I'm curious, though, about more uh, ADULT things, perhaps? Like what is involved in SPICY sangria? Sounds like an awesome fall drink that I'd like to partake in!

  5. Hi Sara! I got the Spicy Sangria recipe from Lifestyle Maven - check out the link above. We loved it!