Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inner Granny

Perhaps the fall coziness is bringing out my inner granny, but lately I am itching to stitch.

I made this table runner a few years ago and embroidered these fun sayings. Unfortunately, I stuffed said runner into my handy dandy "Halloween Decorations" bin alongside some cheap orange candles and now there is a vomitty orange stain right in the middle of it. Perhaps this year I will cut the embroidered ends off and turn them into throw pillows.

I started a new Halloween collage for above my fireplace. Stitching is making its way into the project. So far, I am thinking funky black cat, playful vintage buttons, background made of old math textbook pages (math can be quite scary.)

I cut the cat parts (ok that sounds evil) from smooth bristol paper and painted each piece with black acrylic.

I started stitching the pieces with this goldenrod embroidery floss.

I feel like a Kindergartener working on my sewing cards.  

I'll keep posting on that project. Hopefully I will finish it in time for Halloween. A funky black cat is just not going to work for Thanksgiving. 

On to other stitching...
A while back I posted the base for this project, a quilted piece using all neutrals. Now I am adding some science fictionesque embroidery. These shapes make me think of a space ship or a chemistry lab.

I have no idea what my goal is for this piece, I just keep adding creepy parts.
Oooh Eeee Ooooh.

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