Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is With All the Cats?

Last weekend's happy hour with my girlfriends was a blast. Super sweet and funny ladies, Sangria made the day before, and a gorgeous fall day. Having company really motivated me to pull out all the fun decorations early. These cats are cut from black acid-free cardstock. I made them about 7 years ago and they still look great. Sometimes I put them over my kitchen cabinets, sometimes on the mantle. I used a pattern from a vintage paper craft book from Denmark. My mother-in-law is Danish and she gave me the book many years ago. The Danes make some amazing paper creations and over the years I have used this book to create many of my own.... Now if I could only find it.

I made eight of these 4 cat sets using a cutting mat, a tiny exacto-knife, and very small, super sharp scissors. I also made these before I needed glasses. Perhaps these cats even led to my need for glasses. No matter. It was worth it.

Even though I used a pattern for these cats, it would be easy to create all kinds of patterns using your computer or just doodling. These are a simple design cut from cheap folded paper. Think of all the designs you could create for other holidays. Hope your wheels are turning.

Update:  Found the book!


  1. Hi Jenny! I just got the new Cloth Paper Scissors magazine in the mail and saw that your mini-house made the first page of the reader challenge article! I almost missed the fact that you had an entire feature article, too. Way to go! =)

  2. Hi Nikki! I am anxiously awaiting that issue. Now I am nervous that maybe I let my subscription run out,because I have not received it yet. Oh well... it is nice to have something to look forward to. Kinda like Christmas!

  3. I just got my CPS issue in the mail today! Congratulations on your mini-house and the On Our Radar article! So happy for you! WOO HOO!