Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance, Making Molds, and Deep Space Pendants

I’m more of a non-fiction or historical fiction fan, but every now and then I get swept away by some cheesy romance. I don’t buy romance novels, but someone I work with does.

During the school year, I work as a secretary at an elementary school and we have a book-sharing shelf in our workroom. While I am standing by the copier, waiting for 700 newsletters to print, I sometimes sneak a peek at a page or two of some juicy smut. I feel a little embarrassed if someone walks in and sees me reading a book with a cover that features a woman’s tongue licking a chocolate-covered spoon. But I quickly get over myself and get back into the story. 

There are a few things I love about cheesy romance novels.
1)      The titles. Lord of Scoundrels. Slow Heat in Heaven.
2)      After reading one page, I pretty much get the gist of the entire book.
3)      I never have to read a sentence twice in order to understand the author’s subtle message.
4)      If I don’t finish the book, I don’t feel guilty.

This reminds me of things I like about cheap wine.
1)      The brands. Flip Flop. Mad Housewife.
2)      After one sip, I pretty much get the gist of the entire bottle.
3)      I never have to take another sip in order to understand the subtle undertones of the wine.
4)      If I don’t finish the bottle, I don’t feel guilty.

Romance is a funny thing. We cringe at it in movies, songs, books, tv shows, and in the relationships of our friends, but we crave it and see it quite differently when it is happening in our own lives. Cheesy romance has its place as a powerful motivator. Life changing decisions have been made based on fleeting moments of mushy gushy. Some were the right decisions, some were clearly disastrous. 

Thank goodness my fleeting moments of mushy gushy led me to marry my guy, clearly a right decision. He didn’t buy me anything for Valentine’s Day, but every morning he wakes me up with a cup of coffee and he never questions my craft supply purchases or hours spent covered in paint and glue. 

Did someone say craft supplies? 

Yesterday I had a blast making molds and casting with Ice Resin. I got the details and inspiration from Jen Cushman’s article in Cloth Paper Scissors (yes, I am still working my way through the January / February issue.) Jen’s article gave fantastic tips and photos. I am excited to report no mishaps. I’ve had the mold-compound and resin supplies for a while, but honestly I was scared to use them. Something about the chemicals made me nervous I might spontaneously combust or burn a ring in my scalp.

Not sure what I will do with my resin casts. The original belt buckles are from the 40’s and 50’s and are plastic. I love them, but have never wanted to use them in a piece because they belonged to my grandmother. I am sure they came from a dress she made or ordered out of the Montgomery Ward catalogue. These buckles are sentimental treasures. Now that I have the molds, I can cast away and keep the originals forever.

Since I had a cup of resin ready to go, I created these pendants with the alcohol ink papers I created over the weekend. I love how they turned out… a real mystical, mood ring, deep space feel. 

Make sure you check out Jen Cushman’s blog. She has obviously been Rampin’ Up Her Crafty for quite some time.


  1. Wow, you are good. Loved the writing and the resin casts! And the photo too.

    Loulou Downtown

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!