Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Supermodel

I am still working my way through the January / February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Since today is Friday and I am feeling rather lazy, I decided to play around a bit with the online art-making resources mentioned in Kathleen Day's Getting Technical article, Playtime. My favorite website... This photo altering resource was super easy and quick to use. There are all kinds of fun editing options. To demonstrate some of my favorites, I have asked my favorite in-house model, Peanut, to pose for me.


Color Noise



Pop Art
Have a great weekend. I hope you all get a chance to create!


  1. I had a cat called peanut - becasue she loookslike a chocolate bar called Peanut slab , but later itt was more to do with the size of her poor little brain.

    Love the lomo - you mean there's a site that doe this withut having to use photoshop??

    The wonders of the steam age.

  2. These are great, as well as your earlier posts. I wanna do ice resin molds too. I can't wait to read your article in CPS- we get ours a little late up here but it'll be here soon...Gotta have my CPS, you know!

  3. Peanut is just lovely. :) Thanks for the wake-up call. I'm sitting here at 7:58 a.m., waiting for the vet to open at 8, so I can call for an appointment for my dog, Huckleberry, who has 2 very gooey, pink eyes. I've been boohooing for the last hour, because I am broke, and don't want to have to ask my dad for a 1-week loan to cover the vet cost, especially since my other dog was just in the vet's last week for hotspots! Peanut's sweet face reminded me of my priorities. Huck is a priority - my pride is not.

    Smart choice on keeping the house you've got - being house-poor sucks. I guess I've got to get "content" with my current poverty!! LOL. Enjoy that pizza. :)

  4. I clicked over to your blog because I read "Nice Worker Hands". Loved the sentiments! I've always been a fan of hands. My Daddy has great worker hands & I'm proud of the work my hands have done throughout the years. Reading your terrific essay struck a chord.

    But then.....I read in your profile that you have a Basset. It was then that I knew we were meant to "meet". As I type this my Bassets, Scout Levi the WonderBasset & HannaH Louise are snoring up a storm. Gotta love a fellow Basset person. Glad to make your acquaintance.

    BTW, we also are staying in a perennial fixer-upper because it's just more "us" than those fancy digs 2 miles south of us. [sigh] It's our HOME, not a showplace. Guess that's the way the Bassets like it.