Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are You Fed?

It is not unusual for me to think about food and getting fed (especially when Girl Scout cookies are within my reach), but this week I've been thinking about getting fed creatively. I've been working on a piece I am donating to a project called Feed Me: the 7 x 7 Show benefiting Meals on Wheels. All this talk and thought about food has me thinking about the importance of proper creative nutrition.

What really satisfies my creative stomach growls?

looking at edgy photography in fashion magazines
reading artsy blogs
reading poetry
watching artist documentaries
looking at my old art journals
sitting in nature
playing with my art supplies

Much like my brain when I smell an opened bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a few minutes doing any of these activities leaves me with the insatiable urge to to dive in. I want to write, doodle, or paint on any piece of paper I can find.

However, unlike a bag of Doritos, these nurturing activities are actually good for me. They could easily be dismissed as a waste of time. Could looking at W magazine actually be good for me? For some reason, it is, at least in the creativity-inspiring sense. I don't know why and I don't really care why, I just know it flips some sort of switch in my brain.

What feeds me will be different from what feeds you. We each have a unique diet. 

What makes your creative stomach growl?

Are you fed?


  1. Fantastic way to feed yourself.

  2. These are fabulous! Funny that Nellies last project was all about food too! Any tips for great artists docos? I really love watching folk create too..

  3. ah,

    I am fed overmuch sometimes.

    A steady diet of Pinterest leaves me wanting to dive in too, but then its also a wonderful way to procrastinate.

  4. Lovely post darling! would you like to follow each other?:X

  5. love these stitched utensils and the 'feeding your creativity' theme!!

  6. Travelling, hardware stores and home decor magazines :) Love the utensils!

  7. What makes my creative stomach growl...all things in nature, traveling, creative kindred spirits, blogging...

  8. These are sensational. Soooo creative and unique.

  9. I LOVE your scrappy/stitched flatware!!


    laughing at your previous mention of a daily dose of peanut M & M' too!