Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bloggy Friends Are Fun

Look at these wonderful paper beads I just got in the mail this afternoon! My friend Mandy Russell and I had a little bead exchange this month. It was fun to be surprised. There's nothing better than something handmade! Mandy also sent some wood pieces that I can use to create a little shrine of some sort using the technique she wrote about in the April / May issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Can't wait to play around with that.

Mandy and I have been working together in an online workshop created by another bloggy friend, Tara (aka Dudley Redhead.) We've been working on weekly creative assignments. 

Creating a Collection

Paper Buttons
Picasso Sewing Machine

Our final project will involve mailing goodies to each other. I can't wait to find another package of art in my mailbox. 

Working together with other artists from other states and countries is one of the best things about blogging. If you haven't tried swapping or getting into an on-line workshop, do it! March is Craft Month here in the U.S. Why not celebrate by having a little virtual gathering of your own?


  1. Absolutely!
    Hmmmm paper bead... Love those!

  2. Great idea! Love "Picasso Sewing Machine"!

  3. aghhh!

    It's always a blast to see a fellow blogger in print in another medium. Congrats on being published yet again. CPS does a wonderful job of providing somethign for everyone in a broad world of making.