Monday, April 9, 2012

Work Without a Plan

I love to make plans. My poor parents, husband, sister, and friends have all been subjected to the details of my grand schemes for years and years. I've got journals and sketchbooks filled with bold headings, brainstorming graphic organizers, and detailed outlines and timelines.
Downright cringe-worthy.
Perhaps planning is not my best work.

So, in the spirit of NOT making any plans, I decided to just work on something a little bit different with supplies I already have on hand, paper and thread.

After finishing my last project, I had an enormous pile of ripped-up papers.
I spread them out on my work table, grabbed my favorite thread colors, and started stitching.

Unfortunately, you all out there in bloggy land can't touch these yummy textures. The repetitive stitching and paper layering turns the paper into a fabric-like textile.
If I wouldn't be such a walking fire hazard, I would love to make a dress out of this stuff.

I don't know how I will use these "paper textiles" yet.
Add paint to them?
Cut them into rectangles, strips, circles? 
Sew them together to make a quilt?
Use them as a background for bold shape?

I love having different papers and textiles to use when I start a project.
Perhaps these will just be a part of my new supply stash.

If I am really lucky, a fabulous idea will flash into my mind.
Then I can create an amazing piece and pretend it was part of my glorious master plan all along. 
And so the planning cycle continues. 


  1. Maybe you should start working without a plan. These look great.

  2. Love it! I can almost "feel" the texture, especially in those first three shots. (p.s. enjoyed your essay in CPS!)

  3. These are beautiful and so unique. The colours are great.


  4. OMG, just saw your story in CPS! I'm a little behind in my reading, among everything! How exciting! Congrats.

  5. Awesome! I love the texture that you created with the various papers and top stitching. Working without a plan sure works for you!

  6. Fantastic just as they are - post cards?

  7. hmm..
    I've tried that using a wiggly stitch, but your striaght lines seem to unify the page a whole lot more. As someone who cant throw away even a stamp sizr shred of anything, this could be a fun thing to do.

    I see them as postcards, btw.

  8. These are great! I too am a planner and I know it makes everyone else here a little crazy some days. What can I say...I like to know what the plans are daily : ) Have a great day, Jenny

    i love that you simply took off with the paper and your sewing machine!
    the next step

  10. I love planning! Ditching the plan...and then plan again lol. I have binders filled with plans - my poor little family! These are so amazing by the way, and your article made me laugh and then cry - it was so beautifully put. This all in the Walmart isle ;)

  11. So beautiful!!! I've been experimenting with scraps only projects too- but since I'm primarily a scrapbooker it's not working too well- perhaps it's time I leave that limiting form and try something new! I LOVE these free form abstract pieces! I DO feel the texture!!! The color is totally entrancing as well. GORGEOUS work!