Friday, July 27, 2012

Where Did She Come From?

This bird lady arrived this morning. She is a mix of all kinds of images that have been rolling around in my head for a while and papers that I have been playing with for months.

Her dress and shoes are made of sewn paper textiles I created back in the spring. 

I was very lucky to receive the gift of a dusty old Bingo set!

Her red leather glove top piece was inspired by a magical puppet made by Denise over at Grrl+Dog. The glove is made from real glove leather, a gift from my grandmother. (She made her own gloves back in the day.) I received this leather only a week ago and within a few days saw Denise's wonderful blog post. The wheels must have started cranking.

The shirt is made from paper I printed using a gelli print block. If you have not tried printing with one of these, you are missing out on a whole hunk of crafty heaven. I started using it for the first time and barely came up for air. I was printing on every printable surface in sight. Even the mistakes look dreamy.

What fanciful wonder are you creating today?


  1. I love The Bird Lady! She's fantastic with her little belt and pretty shoes. And a very talented juggler she is too!

    That is so cool that your grandmother made her own gloves and coincidental too, as I have been so keen to do the same and was just on eBay yesterday looking for a pattern, but all I could find were knitted or crocheted ones. But I'll keep looking.

    Wishing you a great weekend, my friend.


  2. How sweet of you to offer to send me a copy of your grandmother's pattern, Jenny. Thank you for your kindness, however, after I left the comment on your post, I became fixated on glove making and then realized I had searched only Canadian Ebay vendors. Once I widened my search I found a few glove patterns from the US and I have a bid in on one. The pattern is from the 60s and includes a few hats too, so I hope I get it! Thanks again ... you are so nice :)

  3. So cool that you were able to use the red leather from your grandmother. This is a fabulously girly bird, and I love those shoes...wowza!

  4. I just love every piece of this work of art!!! I remember those sewn papers and so glad you found such a creative use for it. This bird lady made me so happy today :)

  5. This is wonderful,and I love the fact that you used the red leather from your Grandmother.