Sunday, February 27, 2011

These Just Make Me Smile

No art was created today, but my workspace is shaping up. Lots of things went into the trash can. Don't worry. They were things like a coffee can filled with scraps off the floor, dried up pens, empty wrapping paper tubes, and a rose-scented candle that reminded me of a truck stop restroom air freshener every time I burned it. (It was a gift and I feel huge guilt throwing out a gift. I did try to like it.)

My daughter even got into the act and cleaned out part of her craft closet. Her craft supplies are classic little girl. Looms to make pot holders, pony beads, pom poms, feathers, and pipe cleaners. 
Little kid art is so much fun. Since I have no art to share tonight, I thought I'd highlight a few pieces from one of my favorite artists.

 Notice the ipod.

She has never visited a laundromat, but she thought it would be an interesting setting for this pig. I have to agree.


  1. something so fresh about kid drawings..

    the way they see things...

  2. I love your daughter's pictures, especially the colorful giraffe listening to an ipod. Please tell her that for me. :o)

  3. Thanks ladies. I will share your comments. She will be thrilled.