Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeling Felty Again

Now that Halloween is over, my mind is already thinking about winter. I am feeling the itch to stitch some felt again. I love to work with felt, especially wool or wool-blend. A while back I purchased wool blend felt by the yard from my local fabric store. I washed it in hot water and dried it in high heat. The result? A bumpy, soft texture that I cannot resist. I've been machine stitching some wool blend felt into flower shapes that could be used for jewelry, ornaments, pillow accents, or who knows? I haven't decided how to use them yet, but I love the color combo. 

While wool felt is my favorite, I still like the cheapy craft felt too. I am playing around with a stack of felt squares I bought at the craft store for 25 cents a piece. Not sure what I will do with these flowers either, but I love the cheerful pop of color. 


I am envisioning a wreath covered in these flowers for my front door. I might burn out before I make enough flowers to do this, but I like how it looks in my mind.

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  1. those are cool! i found you from the cloth paper scissors article. congrats!