Monday, November 21, 2011

My Neck Is Cold

Sometimes I catch myself thinking old lady thoughts.

1) Now, where did I leave my glasses?
2) Darn it, I thought I had some tissues in my pocketbook.
3) My neck is cold. There must be a draft in here.

When did I become a blurry eyed, drippy nosed, woman who feels a draft? It has taken me quite by surprise. In response I have broken down and purchased reading glasses and I now have a whole basketful of scarves and several cardigans in my closet. However, I refuse to tuck tissues into my sleeves.

On the subject of scarves, here's a fun project. I purchase wool-blend felt by the yard at my local fabric store, then wash and dry it in high heat to create a nubby texture.  (make sure the felt is at least 20% wool or the nubby texture will not happen.)

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I cut the felt into rectangles and stitch them together to create scarves with all kinds of wonderful color combinations. I like to make my rectangles in different lengths and don't follow a pattern because I am drawn to the random combinations and the super long length. (I like to think the length makes my legs look longer!) The last piece on each end can be easily fringed.

If you're feeling really kooky, you can play around with the felt scraps and create flowers or other decorative shapes. Drafts beware!

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  1. From someone who has old lady thoughts ,every day (due to my age) this is a great idea and very quirky.By the way I do tuck tissues up my sleeve :)