Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hold On To Your Treasures

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I am a pack rat. I love the idea of being a minimalist, but I can't help collecting just about anything. If it has a pretty color, texture, or design... well I have to hang on to it. I also like to see my doodads. So before I know it, my house looks like a Kindergarten classroom with old bird nests resting in the bookshelves, random doodles pinned to the wall, and quilts piled up like nap mats. Hopefully it does not smell like a Kindergarten classroom, but with two children and a dog, well... who knows.

We've been thinking about trying to sell our house lately. I would like a more spacious kitchen and better bathrooms. What I have works, but my husband and I can stand in the middle of our bathroom and touch both walls. Things get dicey at 6am. The kitchen works too, but I like to say it is a single butt kitchen. I would like it to be big enough to fit at least one more butt, especially for Thanksgiving.

So thoughts are turning to cleaning out and packing up. Evaluating what really matters and what I need to keep. I read somewhere that the guideline is to only keep a thing if it is a) useful, or b) a thing of beauty. This will be tricky for a person who uses almost any little thing in her art (hey, this dryer lint ball might look pretty in a collage!)

Cleaning out is a good thing. It makes me think about my real treasures. My family, my friends, and my stinky hound dog ... all are both useful and beautiful in unique ways.
I think I will keep them.


  1. Ha!
    And here you are with a cute pinterst click thing - way to pimp your stuff!

    I could totally add that to my blog and not feel cheap.

    BTW - when our hound was getting way too fragile to even wash and he was stinky, we dusted him over with bicarb soda - it did the trick.

  2. Love your post! I am an accidental collector of things, and live in a large overflowing collage it seems. :) It's good to go through things and sort from time to time. Maybe a move would give you that chance. It might also drive you nuts to do that, who knows? Good luck with whatever your decision is. I also have a one butt kitchen and would love a little more room....

  3. This is so awesome. I too have a one butt kitchen. The dishwasher and the oven cannot be open at the same time!!!