Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Fresh Set of Eyes

I've been burning the early morning oil this week, getting up at 4am almost every day. This just seems to be the only way I can work uninterrupted. If I wait until the kids go to bed, I fear I will gouge my eyes out as I fall asleep on top of my sewing machine. So 4am it is. Coffee helps. Lots of coffee.

I've been sewing some new felt creations. I am making felt flower necklaces. I don't have good photos yet because it's been stormy and dark here lately. (My brightest light is here in the basement, and these basement florescent bulbs make all things look like they are being photographed in a morgue.)

I am noticing a few things as I work so diligently this week.
Observation #1)  My vision is getting worse as the week goes by. Mascara application this morning was tricky and my eyeliner is starting to look more and more like a crayon mark. This lack of sharp vision leaves me feeling a tad anxious.  Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Am I wearing different earrings? Have I missed a random hair sprouting from that witchy mole on my chin?

Observation #2)  After making a few necklaces in different colors, I feel my interest waning. Is this normal? Does this mean something? Is my work truly morphing into something strange and ugly? or do I just have snakes in my head from waking up so blasted early?

Clarity came this afternoon. I dropped the kids at home to do their homework and went to the grocery store after work. When I got home, I pulled into the garage, tore open a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn and just sat in the silence and ate the whole bag. I felt like crying.
This pathetic moment taught me something.
It's time to get some sleep.
I'll come back with a fresh set of eyes.


  1. I had to laugh! Been there, done that, still do it on the odd occasion. My bag of choice is also white cheddar popcorn. :). Sleep will help. Wanting to create gives us drive to try all sorts of unusual things. But sleep is our friend. . . along with that popcorn! Hope you get some rest! Angela

  2. Hi Jenny
    I've really enjoyed reading your blog after discovering you via cps. Funny how even though I'm in Sydney, Australia so many of the thoughts you express sound so familiar. I think I feel a collage coming on... X

  3. Hi Jenny I subscribe to CPS but have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive here in the UK. I was so pleased when it arrived today and I discovered you,although somehow i missed you in previous issues.Your work is wonderful and it has inspired me,I want to quilt but I know I am A. not tidy enough and B. I just do not have the patience,but seeing your work has made my head start buzzing.


  4. Yes, sleep is definitely #1. When I burn the candle at both ends I pay, the kids pay, the housework pays...You must get that sleep- unfortunate but true. The waning interest will not last forever either. I do that all the time! I just got over a violent stomach flu- I was run down, eating crappy food and got sick. The day in bed actually helped me re-evaluate my priorities: sleep must be first!!!!! And by the way I LOVE your recent posted stuff, the paper, paint and stitches inspires me greatly. My sewing machine is out, I wanna work on the postcard challenge- I'm thinking about a gumball machine...Long winded reply, I know, but you are so talented, get some sleep!