Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Supply to Love

It is cold. 
My son is in bed with a fever. 
My husband had to go to work for a few hours.
A perfect afternoon for me and my girl to play with alcohol inks. 

I bought a few alcohol inks by mistake.
Thought... why not buy more colors along with the recommended tools
and see the error as a delight in disguise?

Bea and I cut some shiny paper into bookmark-sized rectangles 
and proceeded to make a huge mess.
Now we are in love with these inks.  

Not sure what we will do with these, 
but they have a Hubble Telescope Photo kind of allure. 
We can't stop looking at them.

Product Info: These inks are Ranger Adirondack. You can buy them at big craft stores here in the U.S. or you can buy them on These are the colors and supplies I used:
Ink Colors (these came in packs of three):
Purple Twilight
Sunset Orange
Sunshine Yellow
Sail Boat Blue
Metallic Mixatives (came in a pack of two):
Alcohol Blending Solution
Applicator and pads (This is a wooden velcro-covered stamp with a stack of felt rectangles. You apply the ink to the felt and stamp the color onto the surface. Toss the felt and start with a fresh one when you change colors. You can buy more felt rectangles, but I am just going to use craft felt that I have on hand and cut my own.)
Have fun!


  1. These are so cool! I've never heard of alcohol inks, will have to go google that. looks like a perfect activity for me and Semay to do:)

  2. Such a great effect. I dont know if we can get those in Oz?

  3. Thanks so much for your comments ladies! I am editing my post to add product info. I really did not think I would have so much fun with them.

  4. It looks like fun. I've never used alcohol inks but will give them a try. Did the inks dry completely on the shiny paper?

    1. Mia, the inks dried completely! They are meant to work on non-porous surfaces like shiny paper, foil, metal, and glass. Haven't tried those, but that might be next!

  5. Aren't alcohol inks so fun! The way they spread out and blend. I love your work. Great colors!

  6. Jenny - I added some of these to my "stash" and used them first on metal. Very interesting. I also saw a very intriguing article using them on clothing. Now you've done these magical pieces with great colors.... I may have to go play with mine soon! : )