Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whoa, Time

My 5th grade son has started wearing capri pants. They did not start out as such, but suddenly I am noticing the color of his socks. I measured him today. We make marks on the door to the basement. The answer to the capri pant mystery... he has grown a full inch in one month. I am thankful for my healthy boy, but he is a constant reminder of the swiftness of time.

How can it be the end of February already? We are having a weirdly warm winter and the trees are starting to bloom. The bugs and weeds will eat us alive this summer.

Someone press the pause button.


  1. What a beautiful artwork. So interesting. And I literally laughed out loud reading your description of your son and his Capri pants!


  2. Wow, was I surprised to read your comment on my blog that you went to U of I !!! I'd love to hear more about that. That's fun that you have ties to us Midwestern peeps. Small world.

  3. I love the clock artwork. Very cool!
    And, yes, February just flew by!