Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fireworks in June

Watermelon. Mangoes. Strawberries. Kiwis. The fruits of summer inspire me with their sweet juicy flavors and vibrant colors. Speaking of vibrant and juicy, these Fireworks spray inks are loads of fun.

Remember my paper-cutting spree last week? Well, I couldn't stop. This time I made a few pages of blobby circles and leaf-like shapes.

I created a circular design on top of a sheet of bright white Canson Colorline paper. Then I started spraying. I used three different shades of green for the first one, allowing dry time between each spray layer. Once done, I lifted the sheet allowing all the shapes to fall away and reveal this bold image.

For the pink one, I simply turned the now green shapes over and created a new design.

Once done, I sewed the shapes into a double-sided pink and green paper garland.

The whole process was so much easy fun. I waited with child-like glee for each layer to dry and couldn't wait to see the final design.

I'm not sure how I will use these prints, but I enjoyed making them and think the project would be an excellent one to do with my daughter. I also think the prints would look fabulous matted and framed in white.

I don't think I'm done. Up next... new shapes and different colors!


  1. Spray inks are addicting I have found. These are popsicle fun. xox

  2. Very cool! I must add these spray inks to my supply list.

  3. This is so neat ! Definitely worth a try:)