Monday, June 18, 2012

IPhone App Madness

Now I am completely attached to this silly thing. Yes, I have to put my iphone away during the day. Otherwise I will play around with the camera apps non-stop. No dinner, no laundry, no conversation with my lovelies.
Dudley Redhead is to blame. I downloaded her zine, A Quick Guide to Iphoneography, Tips + Apps for Creating Cool Pics, a few days ago and can't stop exploring!
This one started out simple - just a troll in front of an open book. Apply the app... add an air of eeeek!
Now I've got a little story in the works.

Japanese salt and pepper shaker set, one of my grandmothers' treasures.
Toys that belonged to my husband and I. This effect makes me feel quite old. But doesn't it look cool?

label app - lots of cool label choices...

this app lets you turn any photo into a poster (complete with coffee stain, if you wish!)

I wonder, is all this app experimentation good for me? I think it is. The more I play around with photography (phone or non-phone,) the more I explore color, composition, and subject matter. Photographs are another way of telling a story. And don't we all have stories to tell?

If you are ready to get hooked, visit Dudley Redhead or purchase her zine at her etsy shop, hedgiepie.


  1. These are great! I love the gnome witch series. I don't have an iPhone but am always so impressed when I see the awesome pictures people take with them. And this app you've discovered makes them extra cool. Because I have other cameras handy whenever I'm with my iPad I never use it to take pictures, but I think I can do the same photography with it as do people with the phones. I must get busy trying that out!


  2. Oh this could be dangerous. Great stuff coming out of your obsession though!!! xox

  3. Looks addicting Jenny-you've got some great and fun pics!! I don't have an Iphone or Ipad or Nook or any of that-I know I'd lose all the time I have to art :):) Love your salt and pepper shaker-I have a handful of my great grandmother's along with some egg cups.

  4. thanks for writing about this.
    i know my iphone camera will do much more than i am asking of it now.
    i just have not taken the time to explore and spend the day with my phone!
    High School Art students are getting great results with their phones.

  5. oh yes, so much fun! I don't have an iphone but now there is an instagram app for droid's and I am hooked. Also found this site: another wonderful time sucker :)

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