Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magpie's Delight

Today I felt like making jewelry. The shiny, sparkly, trashy bits kind of earrings that I love to wear. Must be the 80's girl within.

I dusted off my hammered jewelry supplies and went to town out in my garage. (My kids chased me out of the house - too much racket!)

I sat on the floor of the garage and breathed oily, dusty, lawn-mowerish fumes while I happily hammered.

Back inside, I put the pieces together with bits of fabric and some old baby buttons.

 I ordered these birds on perches for super cheap from Bedazzle Beadz a while ago.

Who knew a few simple tools could turn dull brown discs of metal into these fabulous Duran Duran- concert-ready dazzlers?

Hope you're hammering out some time to create today!


  1. These are beautiful Jenny! You are so imaginative in what you create. I would never have thought to mix fabric and buttons in with the metal. The different textures are wonderful together.


  2. I am always amazed at your capacity to decide on a project and just go and do it. Brilliant, as always. I love every piece.

  3. SOOO much fun here! The last earrings look like tiny bustiers!

  4. I love these earrings! Your blog is so fun. I'll stop by more often.