Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh Goodness, This is Some Fun!

I treated myself to a little shopping trip and splurge at Hobby Lobby last week. I found myself in front of an entire end-cap of Ice Resin products and a free project sheet by Jen Cushman, one of the Queens of Ice Resin. I'm such a kid about art supplies...the sparkly packaging was just more than I could resist.

I bought a variety of bezels and filled them with small pieces from my stitched paper stash.

I coated the cut papers with paper sealer, placed them into the bezels, filled them with Ice Resin, and waited overnight for them to dry. The result...  a handful of sparkly smooth objects, just begging to be made into funky adornments!

These pendants would be cute on a charm bracelet, necklace,

or earrings on simple hooks.

I used a variety of brass blanks along with more bezels to create this chunky charm bracelet. To create the enamel look on the blanks, I coated each piece with Iced Enamels medium, added a sprinkling of the Iced Enamels Relique powder, and heated the pieces with my heat gun. Once dry, I sealed each piece with Ice Resin.

Once you get rolling with these products, you will see so many ways to use them. I love the ability to make an inexpensive and personalized piece of jewelry that looks so unique!

I could include a detailed tutorial here, but if you want to try your hand at creating some Ice Resin jewelry, your best bet is to check in with the experts ... visit or Jen Cushman.

Hope your weekend is a happy and craft-filled adventure!


  1. i love what you have done with them; the colors, words and textures are gorgeously done!!

  2. Hi Jenny! Hope you've had a good summer.

    These are so nice looking and a perfect use for your beautiful stitched paper works.

  3. your projects are just delightful Jenny! Oh no, I have a Hobby Lobby not far from me....