Monday, February 21, 2011

Charming Confession

I must make a confession. 
I know I made a commitment not to buy any new supplies, but this weekend I broke my promise. 
I just needed a rut buster. 
I got inspired by watching Julie Fei-Fan Balzer making these cut tape transfer charms.
The only had to purchase two new supplies: Tim Holtz Fragments and silver foil tape.

The process is quite easy. The charms are just plastic and are going to get scratched up over time. But they were silly fun to make. And sometimes I just need a little silly fun.

Now back to more serious fun.


  1. what levely neat burnished edges you have, grandma!

    I can appreciate the time it took, cuz that tape goes bananas when it's unrolled.

  2. It does indeed! I actually learned a tip though... I kept the tape in the bag and clipped the corner. Then I just pulled it out as needed. This handy tip was actually on the package. Of course I did not read the directions, so I had to do some re-rolling. Next time I will be good.