Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Out of Your Zip Code

My friend Kelly and I got crazy on a school night and took a Valentine card printing class at Atlanta Printmakers Studio. This required us to drive down to 30310 on Super Bowl Sunday night. Nutty gals.

We got lessons and had a chance to print on Chandler and Price Old Style platen presses (one from 1899!) and two different kinds of Vandercook presses. We also had a quick lesson on lining envelopes to match our newly printed cards. Margot Ecke was our kind and patient instructor, while four other artists helped us operate each press (and kept us from pressing our hands instead of card stock.)
This machine was built in 1899!

1890's Stair Master


Now we are both itching to take an 8 week letterpress class with Margot Ecke. Anyone interested?


  1. ooh!

    Nothing comaores to old school printing..

    and those machines are awesome. We have one in a studio I go to, but it looks a bit scary..

  2. Yes... I see smooshed and inky fingers in my future.