Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unlock the Block

Now what. 
I finished a new piece (no pics yet.) And I just had great news (see February 11th.) 
Now I am sitting in my basement studio, surrounded by paper clippings and thread pieces 
and scraps of anything that can be made into scraps. 
No ideas are brewing, no images are flooding my brain. 
What will unlock my block?

Any suggestions?


  1. I once read a great way to get inspired is to make or do something for someone else; make a card for someone who inspires, or a collage for a friend's b-day.
    Almost nothing gets my creative juices flowing more than creative books and magazines, either new ones or looking again at ones I've had. Also the library's art section. And trying a new technique, or using colors I normally avoid.
    I'm reading a book now where she rips random shapes out of paper and mags, then plays around with them until they look like something, then makes a collage.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your great artwork soon. :)

  2. I love all of your suggestions. Just reading them is inspiring. I am actually going with the colors suggestion. Using colors I don't normally use. Thank you for great ideas!

  3. Unlocking things for me;
    Going into my studio and cleaning up, sorting through.
    Walking the hound and getting some air in my hair

    hope it helps...