Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Real Page Turner

I am not a bookmaker, but I recently tried my hand at one. I was inspired by a nifty binding machine I got for a steal on the clearance rack at the craft store. I call my book "Traveling by Hand."

My idea was to create a place where I could write or doodle as escape. I would like to think of myself as a great adventurer, but in reality I struggle with jet lag, motion sickness, homesickness, and anxiety. I dream of being that worldly woman traveler who can dance with the natives and pick up languages quickly, all while carrying everything she could possibly need in a small backpack.

And so I turn to art to live the dream without having to leave my comfortable hobbit hole.

I haven't written anything in it yet. Where should I begin?

  Perhaps like any great adventurer, I should just set out and see what happens.


  1. fantastic! love this.
    I love that you came across a nifty binding machine, perfect. i think i know exactly what you mean about being a 'dream traveller'. That's why coming home is always so lovely!

  2. amazing....your post was really speaking at me this morn- I have this SAME thing :( just cancelled a trip because of it. LOVE your travel journal and thank you for sharing ..

  3. Love love love your book! I keep a journal just for quotes I come across that speak to me. It's a great source of inspiration when in a rut. Bet your sweet book would be a perfect quote journal. Congrats on being in the magazine, how exciting!

  4. I love your book and I can so relate to what you are saying!! The idea of travel is so appealing, but in reality I would rather be in my own home in the mountains, walking in my own peaceful woods, listening to the little babbling creek that I love.

  5. Oh all the pockets and stitched tags and hidden spots, really, really fun. xox