Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun Stuff By Mail

I was itching to spend some of the money in my paypal account, so I bought some fantastic papers from www.lovetofly.etsy.com and they arrived today! I opened the envelope and took a deep whiff of old paper smell. love it. I also ordered some small plastic tools. What will I do with these? no idea. I just knew that I needed a small ladder, pitchfork, and rake.

Some of the papers were French. Oooh la la. Love this Eiffel Tower image.

Another pack was a mixture of maps, textbook pages, different languages, and music. I cannot stop looking at them. Brain is racing.

A random here. I believe this image is from some sort of Japanese tour guide. The red button hides an empty hillbilly jug of something that I think this person finished off the night before. Not sure how I will use this one....

Sweet Phillis from lovetofly sent me some bonus red wooden buttons. I love extra treasures.

So what will become of these objects and papers? Who knows? I am thinking about having a collage party with my artsy friends and seeing what happens when we all play with them. Want to come?

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