Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Trash Art

After a long week of creating collages, working on a quilt, and general fooling around with supplies, the floor of my studio resembled a garden of paper and fabric weeds. But as I was cleaning up, I couldn't bring myself to throw out these tiny treasures. Instead, I collected them in a jar and retrieved one of my favorite art supplies... matte gel medium.

This stuff will stick anything to canvas or paper without leaving weird goobers or smudges.

Even if the collage is not something I would hang on my walls, it is so much fun to take close-up photos of interesting sections of the whole piece. The photo above is a bit of a statement itself.  It would also make a great background for another piece. It can be enlarged and printed on paper or even on fabric. 
I love the way this tiny scrap of fabric looks like a bulky hemp rope in this shot. 
Next time you have a pile of tiny trash, consider gluing it onto an old piece of cardboard. If you don' t have gel medium, just use good old Elmer's. Have fun discovering the masterpiece that was right under your feet.

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