Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Know It's Still September...

But I couldn't help it. I wanted something new and festive for my front porch. It would not have been difficult to create something that would look better than what was previously there - a dead plant on a trellis. Completely brown and dried up. Really pathetic. So, since it was so close to Halloween and I love Halloween decorations, we are starting the celebration a little early.

All my supplies are exotic imports from China purchased 40% off at my local Michael's.

These fake pumpkins are hard to cut! Once I cut lids into each one, I hot-glued raffia to the cut portion of the large pumpkin, then glued the medium pumpkin to the raffia. After I glued the bottom two pumpkins together, I poked fake flower picks into a floral foam cylinder, then poked the whole mess into the raffia-filled smallest pumpkin.

I glued the small pumpkin to the top, perched the owl into the middle, and stuck the bow on the front. The whole thing fit nicely into an old plastic faux terra cotta pot that I spray painted black. I filled the space at the bottom with the rest of the raffia. Can't wait for a big windy storm to kick up and blow raffia into my neighbors' yards.

A little bit of Halloween cheese. The kids think it's wonderful.

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