Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trying to Look Cold in 90 Degree Weather

I've been hard at work creating new scarves to put into my Etsy store this fall. Now it is time for what I think is the hardest part about having an on-line store - the photos. Sometimes I can do the photography on my own, but when the item is clothing, well... I need help. So today my poor husband had the honor of being my photographer. We drove up to the vacant Home Depot and headed down the alley toward the back of the building, hoping for something old and industrial looking. Instead we found this beautiful terra cotta red wall.
We unloaded a few props from the car and got busy.

I swapped out about 20 scarves and tried not to sweat.

I kept waiting for some sleazy deal to take place around the corner from us, but the only action we saw was a couple of harmless teenagers skateboarding. I don't think sleazy deals ever take place behind the Home Depot, but it was fun to feel just a little bit sneaky and sly - two words that rarely describe plain old me.

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