Friday, January 21, 2011

8 is Great

When I was 8, one of my favorite books was a Valentine's Day book by Tomie DePaola.

I am sure I bought it with a sweaty handful of change at the Scholastic Book Fair. I looked through that book all year long and dreamed about little parties I might have with my friends. We would make Valentines and eat cookies and make dough necklaces and play heart-themed games. We would look just like Tomie DePaola kids.

Although my mom did a stellar job of keeping my sister and me entertained with crafts and cookies and dough projects, we never got around to having a Valentine's Day party.
Over thirty years later, my 8 year old daughter picked this book out of a stack of someone's discards. I am delighted that she too is in love with this book. She too dreams of the little Tomie DePaola Valentine's Day celebration.
In the spirit of Tomie DePaola, we had our own little Valentine's Day craft time. We made felt heart pins. Her joy was a thrill to see.

Thanks Tomie!

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