Thursday, January 27, 2011

Queen Kitchenita

This is Queen Kitchenita. She graces the wall next to my pantry. 
She was created to cover an old, ill-placed phone jack. 
With a sharpie, my kids and I write our kitchen wishes around her head.

Oh Queen Kitchenita, grant us yummy meals, fresh fruit, tart apples, juicy steaks, crisp heads of lettuce, snappy carrots, ice cream that never melts, pasta that is perfectly al dente!
We also ask for nice guests who like everything we serve, children who are never picky, 
and a dog to keep the floor clean.

Anyone with a sharpie can add a wish to Queen Kitchenita's portrait.
I created Queen Kitchenita by painting a vibrant cartoon of a woman, then covering the whole thing with a piece of blank pattern tissue. The light brown color and the wrinkles in the paper gave the piece an ancient-treasure-just-found-in-an-attic look. I added some metallic tissue paper accents, painted the background gold, and gave it a top coat of gloss medium. 
Then I used the black sharpie for accents and wishes.

Silly. I know. But fun.


  1. Hi there! I've been enjoying your blog - love your style and sense of humor. :)