Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Love Hate with Things

I've been creating pieces using these "thing" shapes for a while now. They keep creeping into my work without solid explanation. I've been wondering where I was going with these. Some thoughts have come to the surface.
On New Year's Eve, my friend Tracy (an art teacher) talked about an organizational assessment she took at work recently. The assessment revealed her to be both a minimalist and a pack rat. She wants the look and life of a minimalist, but she just can't help hanging on to her stuff. I heard that loud and clear.
My love of stuff is a source of both joy and self-loathing. I get rid of stuff, then happily fill up the empty spaces with more stuff. The sickening aspect of this stuff love happens years later, when I discover something I was once so excited to get is now out of style, worthless, or worse yet... unrecognizable. (What was I going to do with this?)
These shapes are working their way into my art as a way of exploring this twisted relationship with things. Imagine lifting the couch cushions to find this pile of stuff. Some recognizable. Some a total mystery. All a history of energy spent wanting.

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