Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Love Electricity

I love electricity.
Yesterday afternoon, the power was out for a few hours. I think a tree fell on a line in my neighborhood. I sat alone and thought, 
I want to open the refrigerator, watch tv, take a hot shower with all the lights on, turn up the heat, listen to music, surf the net, print photos, do laundry, read with good light, sew, run the dishwasher, use my hot glue gun, iron, cook, bake, make toast, microwave some potatoes, and blend up a smoothie.

There was no sound. The machines were all quiet.

I felt very lonely.
The quiet crept in.
Even the dog knew something was  up.

But just as I was about to get blue, the power kicked back on. The room was flooded with yellow light. The microwave beeped and the refrigerator started to hum. 
And my world started spinning again.

In celebration, I created a collage ode to my washing machine. I needed to create something for a Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine reader challenge involving a flower stencil, so I decided to use that stencil on my washing machine collage.

... time to get back to my laundry.

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