Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Sketchy

As some of you might have noticed, I have a new box over on the right. I decided to join The Sketchbook Challenge. Have you heard about it? Maybe you've already been on board.
Each month the Sketchbook Challenge artists give us a new theme and I can upload photos of my sketches in the group's Flickr stream. I want to do more sketching, so I decided this might encourage me to get moving in that direction.
I finally started using a handmade paper book I have had in my studio for about ten years now. I bought it with the intention of filling it with beautiful sketches or collages, but like wedding china, I never use it because I don't want to mess it up. Can any of you relate?
I threw caution to the wind and glued stuff to the front of the book. There is no turning back now. The glasses and tea cup are paper creations from my collection of scraps and misfires. I never thought of using them together, but like their association with sketching... glasses, a cup of hot tea, and my sketchbook. Happy times.

The inside cover was solid black. Perfect spot for a little intro collage.

This paper comes from a children's book of poetry I found in the discard pile at the library. The whole book is filled with groovy 70's woodblock print.

This page needed some windows.

I'll keep every scrap of this great paper.

Gotta have a little stitching.

Some stencil dots. (That's my new stencil from the The Crafter's Workshop)

And a dreamy bit of encouragement.


  1. with all this space I can go buy thay great looking stencil..

    Yup, breaking in a new book is hard - I have one just like it with gorgeouspaper the lad got me in Venice - haven't touched it...

    Will check out the site - still need to get loosened up...

  2. Oh yes! I do have a couple of sketchbooks that are waiting for some sort of genius to find them..
    Love the dots: positive & negative .. Those old Linocut illOs are great too .. Might have to try one..
    A lovely piece..

  3. Wonderful building...The windows, the door, the black stitching, it's all so very gorgeous. Oh and the polka dots too...It seems all my sketchbooks start out as such and end up as list making paper. ie. grocery lists, to do lists, kid schedule lists, chore lists, crafty project lists...